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Often, we receive messages like this:

“Being R.E.A.L. is something I’ll take with me forever and use it every day.” – Mia age 12

"Your an inspiration to many teenagers girls who do not feel well in their own skin you help them find the courage and determination in them."

"The self-help books barely grazed the surface of the issue of not loving myself. There were steps to take, and some were logical and legitimate, but I felt I couldn't apply those to my life. In the end, it all meant nothing...And then, I found out through your website, after searching on Google, that what I was suffering from was actually low self esteem. All these years, and I never knew."

"There should be articles on actual sex not just oral..i know plenty of people that become sexually active at only 13 or that and stuff about drugs..more about cutting and eating disorders.i have struggled with all of this in just 1 year."

“ I have high self-esteem, but this presentation helped me know how to talk to my friends about their problems. Thank you so much, this presentation can help me help my friends’ life.” – Brianna 15

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