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Welcome to the third edition of the Glow E-Zine! You may be reading this for the first time, so I'd like to introduce myself to you. I'm Jennifer, the founder of www.help-my-self-esteem.com. And I'm so glad you're reading this, it means you've invested in yourself, and you are certainly worth it.

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The Glow Ezine features tips, great stories and info on self-esteem. Also included are plenty of free self-esteem affirmations as well as "exclusive" info you won't see anywhere else.

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Why Glow?
Well, there are 3 definitions of the word....

1.To shine brightly and steadily
2.To be passionate, radiant or high-spirited:
3.To experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion

These are my goals 3 for you. Get R.E.A.L people glow with a permanent attractive radiance that comes from within, and EVERYONE notices...

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Announcing You!

It's been a long time since I've sent this to you. Probably way too long, but I believe it's definitely worth the wait! .

This month's issue is called "Announcing You" because I believe the its time to show who you really are to the world. Gifts, talents, faults, and all, you are beautiful and accepted.

While doing research and creating my new 6-part dvd/cd guide called "Get Confident", I discovered what the meaning of true confidence really is. The original greek word means to be "radically open."

That was a shock to me. True confidence is not arrogance or the "it-girl" attitude that is portrayed on TV. It's just the state of mind where you are completely open, embracing life, and the joys and setbacks that sometimes come your way. It's the place where you are not afraid to be 100% yourself.

You know how kids are totally hilarious because they speak their minds, are full of joy, and they are so resilient? If they fall they get back up, when they laugh it's genuine, and if they cry they are not afraid to let you know that they want to be held? That is true confidence. Kids live life totally open to the possibilities.

But as we get older, we learn to close ourselves off to keep from being hurt. We hold onto pain and disappointment, and we try to change ourselves to what we think other people will accept. We look for other things to cover up with -- degrees, status, money, unhealthy relationships, bad habits, and everything in-between.

It's time that you "unlearn" the things negative influences have told us about yourself. You can be open, you can be you, and you can embrace life again. So this month, "Announce You to the World!"Take steps to show the world who you really are. There is something you have to offer that we all need. So come out of hiding once and for all.

This month's Glow e-zine is dedicated to Announcing You! Send me your stories of courage as you do this!


GET CONFIDENT URL: http://bit.ly/getconfident2

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This Sunday May 1st, join me and young women all over the world for the 1st Ever Worldwide Girl Talk Session! I'm so excited! We will be talking about "How to Love Yourself Unconditionally." This is something that we've all struggled with at some point, and this call is guaranteed to be life-changing for you.

The call itself is free to join and will be this Sunday, May 1st at 9pm - Eastern Standard time U.S.

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Self Esteem Song of the Month: Hide By Joy Williams

This month's self-esteem song is an amazing one by Joy Williams. It's called "Hide" and goes right along with our theme of "Announcing You" and being radically open and confident.

SONG URL: http://bit.ly/hidejoywilliams

Click here to listen to the song

Fear is not an option for you

ANNOUNCEMENT: You were born to be fearless, so fear is no longer an option for you!

I'm sure you may be thinking, what do you mean? Everybody feels fear! And you're right. Everybody feels fear, but that doesn't mean you have to give into it. Let me explain...

Personally, I'm at a place in my life where I'm stepping out and doing a lot of things that have never been done before. There are many potential fears: Fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being overwhelmed, fear of the unknown...the list goes on and on. So do I feel fear? - Yes. But am I going to give into the feeling of fear? - no.

Fear is not only a noun, it's also verb. The word fear means "to run, to take flight, or flee a situation." I've decided that just because I'm facing a scary situation, doesn't mean I have to run.

Neither do you. No matter what problem you face, you can do whatever it is you need to do, despite the feeling of fear. Because you are more than your feelings.

If you don't face your fears, you will never become fearless. And my friend, you were made to be bold, beautiful, and fearless. So whatever challenges are in your path today, just do them afraid. Face them afraid. Because fear is not an option for you any longer.

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Self-Esteem and Love Affirmations of the Month

JOURNAL ENTRY: Here are your 2 affirmations for the month. Take 5 minutes to write both of these down, and say them out loud to yourself once a day. You will see positive results and change because you become your thoughts! .

1. My Attitude is Always My Choice. The one thing that no one can ever take away from me is my attitude. A positive attitude will eventually get me positive results, and a negative attitude will lead to a negative life with negative results.

No matter the circumstance, I let God's love

Guide, direct and inspire me.

2.Fear is Not an Option for Me I never let fear rule me. I always choose faith over fear. And even if I am faced with a scary situation, I will do whatever I need to do even if I feel afraid. Because I am more than my feelings.

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Well I hope you've enjoyed this fourth edition of The Glow. As always, remember to keep it R.E.A.L.!

R-ealize the Reality
E-ngage Yourself in Positive Thinking
A-ccept the fact that you're not perfect
L-earn to love yourself unconditionally


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