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Welcome to the third edition of the Glow E-Zine! You may be reading this for the first time, so I'd like to introduce myself to you. I'm Jennifer, the founder of www.help-my-self-esteem.com. And I'm so glad you're reading this, it means you've invested in yourself, and you are certainly worth it.

Here's a quick reminder about what the glow is:

The Glow Ezine features tips, great stories and info on self-esteem. Also included are plenty of free self-esteem affirmations as well as "exclusive" info you won't see anywhere else.

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Why Glow?
Well, there are 3 definitions of the word....

1.To shine brightly and steadily
2.To be passionate, radiant or high-spirited:
3.To experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion

These are my goals 3 for you. Get R.E.A.L people glow with a permanent attractive radiance that comes from within, and EVERYONE notices...

Happy Reading,

I'm here for you! Contact Me with any comments or questions by emailing jen@help-my-self-esteem.com

New Beginnings!!!

Do ever wish you could have a fresh start sometimes?

I mean really, an ENTIRE new start. I know I do. Sometimes, we make mistakes , get discouraged, or just carry the baggage of the past with us. All of that weight drags us down and keeps us from fully embracing a bright future.

So join me in making this month a new beginnings. You have permission to change. Don’t let other people box you in and don’t box yourself in either. Change is a natural part of life. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. And growth is good, so change is too.

Paul, in the Bible’s book of Philippians said this:

“I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead…”
(Philippians 3:13)

Honestly, there are some things (good and bad) that you and I should choose move on from in order to focus on the future. Let go of past hurts, past failures, past pain, and even past successes. Imagine driving a car spending the entire time looking in your rearview mirror. Eventually you would crash. It’s okay to glance into your rear view mirror every now and then, but the majority of your focus should be on what’s ahead of you.

Although I’ve been doing well, I’ve decided to make this month a fresh start because I want to be better and do more to help others. Will you join me?

This month's Glow e-zine is dedicated to New Beginnings! Send me your stories of change as you do this! (jen@help-my-self-esteem.com)

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This Saturday August 20th, join me and young women all over the world for my Worldwide Girl Talk Session 2: Love, Sex, and Other Drugs.

We will be talking about "How to Avoid Toxic Relationships." This is something that most of us have dealt with at one time or another. What girl doesn’t want to avoid unnecessary heartache?

This call will be power packed, so put a reminder in your phone, set an alarm, mark your calendar, do whatever you have to do because I don’t want you to miss this!

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Talk to You Soon!


Self Esteem Song of the Month: Beautiful by Group 1 Crew

This month's self-esteem song is an one of my fav by one of my favorite groups - Group 1 Crew to be exact. It's called "Beautiful" and has a great melody, lyrics, and beat. Who knew true beauty could be such fun?

SONG URL: http://bit.ly/beautifulgroup1crew

Click here to listen to the song

Back to the School....So What Now?

Well, it's that time of year again. You're either really excited or wishing summer would last another 6 months...

Many of you reading this are going back to school: middle school, high school, college, and even grad school. Whether you are excited about it (I was a nerd so I loved school :) or you wish summer would last another 6 months, I want to encourage you to make the best of this school year. The way to do that is to set goals.

People generally do their best work when they are striving towards something meaningful, when they have positive expectations, and something to look forward to. I want to challenge you to choose 1 personal goal for this school year that means a lot to you. Make it realistic but also make it a fun challenge!

For instance, you may make want to get higher grades so you could make that a goal. Or you could make it a goal to smile and say “Hi” to at least 1 stranger a day. You never know how a smile can change another person’s mood. Maybe you want to volunteer more? Start a club with your friends?

And don’t be afraid of disappointment or not meeting your goal either. Sometimes it’s more about the journey than about the destination. So don’t play your life not lose, PLAY TO WIN! Set goals this year. And tweet me @jennifersarpong and let me know what your goals are this year! @jennifersarpong and let me know what your goals are this year!

Subscribe to the Self-Esteem Music Playlist on Youtube!

THE SELF-ESTEEM MUSIC PLAYLIST ON YOUTUBE I have days when I just want to sit back and listen to good music. I used to find it hard to do that, because so many songs on the radio are negative. They have a great beat, but demeaning lyrics.

Other days when I’m not feeling as happy or if I’m feeling frustrated, I like good “pic-me-up” I can conquer the world music! How about you? Well, I’ve created the The Self-Esteem Music Playlist on youtube for that reason.

Just click the picture above or go to the URL below to Subscribe and get 3hrs of feel-good music, plus, I’m always adding new songs every month so make sure you subscribe!

URL: http://bit.ly/selfesteemplaylistyoutubelink

If there are any songs you think I’m missing, email your ideas to me at jen@help-my-self-esteem.com and I will be sure to add the music!

Self-Esteem and Love Affirmations of the Month

JOURNAL ENTRY: Here are your 2 affirmations for the month. Take 5 minutes to write both of these down, and say them out loud to yourself once a day. You will see positive results and change because you become your thoughts! .

1. I Can't Always Choose My Circumstances but I Can Choose My Response. Life is 2% what happens to me and 98% how I respond to it.

No matter the circumstance, I let God's love

Guide, direct and inspire me.

2. I Have Permission to Change I don't have to put myself in a "box" or limit my potential. As I grow I will change and that is okay. Change is a good thing. If there is anything or any behavior in my life that I know deep down really needs to change, I will change it. Simple as that.

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Well I hope you've enjoyed this fifth edition of The Glow. As always, remember to keep it R.E.A.L.!

R-ealize the Reality
E-ngage Yourself in Positive Thinking
A-ccept the fact that you're not perfect
L-earn to love yourself unconditionally


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