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Welcome to the seventh edition of the Glow E-Zine! You may be reading this for the first time, so I'd like to introduce myself to you. I'm Jennifer, the founder of www.help-my-self-esteem.com. And I'm so glad you're reading this, because every time you do, you get one step closer to being the confident radiant woman you have been created to be!

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Well, there are 3 definitions of the word....

1.To shine brightly and steadily
2.To be passionate, radiant or high-spirited:
3.To experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion

These are my goals 3 for you. Get R.E.A.L people glow with a permanent attractive radiance that comes from within, and EVERYONE notices...

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Make 2012 Your Year of Originality!

One of my mentors said something to a group of my friends that really stuck with me. She asked, “Who are you really without the image? Most of us are trying to be the next 'whoever' instead of the first us…"

Isn’t this so true? Expectations from friends, family, and significant others sometimes makes us feel like who we are simply isn’t good enough. But the truth of the matter is, you will never be successful and being someone else, and that is why it is so important to be an original.

When I was a bright-eyed, intelligent, open teenager, I told my Father about one of my passions- which is music. His response, “That’s the problem with multi-talented kids, they just don’t know what to do with themselves.”

Can we say ouch? That hurt me a lot, especially coming from my Father. All I wanted was his encouragement and instead what I got was outright rejection. From that point on I dealt with this subconscious thought that creativity is bad. I gave up art, drawing, singing, and many of the things that made me uniquely me, and tried to “straighten up” to meet his expectations. I continued to get good grades in school, and got into many top colleges, but I still felt like a part of me was missing – at that point I even forgot what.

My Freshman year of college, I reevaluated my life and some of the things that had been said to me over the years, and I realized he was wrong. Creativity and talent are not bad things, in fact those are things that can help other people. I rediscovered my passion for music again, and I still use it today.

One of the biggest comments I get from the website is how – The Self-Esteem Song of the Month, and my Youtube Self-Esteem Playlist – have really helped. The poems section of my website – many of which are original poems by me, has been read by thousands of people. Help-My-Self-Esteem.com, itself was birthed my from Creativity, nothing like it existed at the time. Plus, I still love writing songs, recording songs, and listening to new music.

The bottom line is, if I had listened and continued to let my Father’s hurtful words define my life, none of this would have happened, and you would not be reading this right now.

“What you believe determines how you behave.” – Craig Groeshel

In 2012- make it your goal to get in the place of true originality. I believe you are uniquely created and gifted and that God has a unique plan for you. I believe you shouldn’t spend your time comparing yourself to others, because you have something good to contribute to this world that is an expression of who you really are.

Do you believe that? Then practice behaving like it. Don’t hold up the image for people to see, be yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be an emotional garbage can, treat yourself with respect. Be vulnerable, and be open. It is harder than it sounds, but it is freeing. When you get in a place of true originality, a lot of stress will leave you because you won’t feel the burden of trying to keep up with others expectations.

2012- Make 2012 your year of Faith & Originality. Send me your stories of change or comments as you do. (jen@help-my-self-esteem.com)

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Self Esteem Song of the Month: Beautifully Made Leah Smith

This month's self-esteem song is so beautiful!!!. It's called "Beautifully Made" by Leah Smith and goes perfectly with the theme of being your own original in 2012!

SONG URL: http://bit.ly/BMLeahSmith

Click here to listen to Beautifully Made

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We are currently expanding the HMSE in 2012 team and looking for interns! Not only will you get to be a part of a great movement, but you’ll also get some great experience too! If you are girl who wants to help other girls all over the world feel confident and beautiful, I am looking for you!

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Well I hope you've enjoyed this fifth edition of The Glow. As always, remember to keep it R.E.A.L.!

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A-ccept the fact that you're not perfect
L-earn to love yourself unconditionally


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