Accept the Fact That You Are Not Perfect and Build Self-Esteem

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Healthy self-esteem depends on your ability to honestly know yourself. You still have to be able to accept and value yourself no matter what.

This means you can R.E.A.L istically acknowledge and recognize your strengths and limitations...( by the way no matter what the magazines say, all people have weaknesses and strengths. 

Accept yourself as worthy and worthwhile without conditions. These conditions can be grades, relationships, careers, physical appearance, or any of the things we focus on when we compare ourselves to other people.

Basically, no matter what happens in your day, good or bad, you should never lose sight of the fact that daily events, successes, or failures don't affect your worth or value. You are priceless! 

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Both of these girls are beautiful. But what makes the second picture looks so much better than the first? 

Beautiful girl not smiling

Beautiful girl smiling

Answer: The girl in the second picture is smiling. Try to smile more, it makes you more approachable, and raises self-esteem. Plus, Laughter is good for the soul!