How to Love Yourself: 3 Ways to Take Better Care Of Yourself and Build Confidence

by Crystal Rogers, HMSE Blogger

Love Yourself

It's important to say positive things to yourself like, "I am beautiful," and, "I am special." The more you focus on positive things, the bigger they become.

Well, along with positive affirmations like these, take time to show yourself some love.

Aside from the day to day ways to take care of yourself:

  • like eating right
  • getting enough sleep
  • practicing good hygiene
  • exercising

Try taking some time to pamper yourself!

The whole point is to spend healthy, quality time with yourself, worry free because you do deserve it; and you do. Whether you do it big or small, it's a way to shower yourself with love. Here are a few ideas…

1. Pamper Yourself

  • Get your nails and hair done (not because you have to, but because you want to) - Go to a salon or just do it yourself.
  • Treat yourself to your favorite comfort food
  • Get a massage or you simply take a bubble bath. Then put on your favorite scent of lotion and body spray.
  • Take a rest and imagine yourself in a peaceful place
  • Spend time listening to your favorite music or watch your favorite shows/movies
  • Go shopping - Buy something that fits your personal style and taste; nothing that just fits the mode
  • Go for a walk, to the beach, or just take time to relax
  • Create a certain place where you know you can have some quiet time when you need it; somewhere safe and comfortable.

2. Develop Safe Hobbies

What do you like to do? Developing safe hobbies is another way to love yourself.

Drawing, Singing, Writing, Dance, Sports? Take time to enjoy your hobbies and develop your strengths. This is a big part of exploring who you are and appreciating yourself.

3. Don't Forget to Take Time to Nourish Your Spirit and Soul

Feed your spirit and soul with things that will uplift you and help you to feel good about yourself.

  • Meditate on the Word of God
  • Pray
  • Listen to inspirational and worship music
  • Surround yourself with people who encourage you and make you feel good about yourself.

*Remember that with anything you do, there should be a balance.

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