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Get R.E.A.L gives you self-esteem articles that actually help, not fluff.

I’ve searched though dozens of resources and articles to give you the best of the best. Learn how to take criticism, believe in your high self-worth and stand up for who you really are using these self-esteem articles.

How to Deal With Life When You Don't Feel Love Or Feel Lack of Love 

Positive Thinking: How to Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones 

How to Love Yourself: 3 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself and Build Confidence 

It's Not About Me: Keys to Overcome Shyness

How to Free Yourself from Insecurity and Overcome Low Self-Esteem 
Do you ever feel insecure? Like you can't meet up to the standards and expectations of those around you? Maybe you feel like your true self is in a box and you can't break free..Check out this article to learn how to overcome insecurity and low self-esteem. 

You Are a Gift to the World 
Discover the gifts you already have. No matter who you are, where you are, or how you feel about yourself, you have things to celebrate. Find out what they are by reading this article 

Acquiring Your Self-Image by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler 

Better Than I Know Myself 
a prayer based on Psalm 139:1-7 

Being thin was all I could think about. by Sharon Palmer

How to Gain Self Esteem by Breaking Free from the Lies We Believe 

If I Could Only Be Perfect.... 
Why do we feel like we have to work so hard to earn acceptance?

Self Esteem, Hollywood and the Christian Life I tried to commit suicide seven times. That's what depression—at its deepest and darkest—can do to you. by Mandy Bennett 

Self-Esteem Improvement Techniques 

Party Girl? 
She thought drinking at a frat party would help her fit in... 

What Are The Symptoms of Low Self Esteem and How Do They Affect Your Relationships and Other Important Parts of Your Life? 

Advice from Self-Help and Personal Development Experts on How to Be Popular 

Ugly Me 
Who knows when I first started hating the way I look? 

Protecting Our Hearts 
Alyssa, Lauren and Becca Barlow talk about how they find their worth in God. 

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