"According to You" a Self Esteem Song by Orianthi


This an AMAZING self esteem song. So many people live their lives being slaves to the opinions of people. For us women, that is especially the approval of guys. But that is not the way we need to live. The exact same things about us that a person doesn't like will be the exact same things another person loves. So accept who you are, and be who God created you to be!

This is a great self-esteem song, but don't just take my word for it!

- Anonymous Girl 1

"this is a great song. I also look at it as how I am so not perfect but God calls me his princess and says that I am beautiful in every way! In today's time it's all about how you look. Clothes, hair and make-up make you look pretty according to a lot of people. But it not about that at all, it's the small unique things, like how you can make anyone laugh, or you're a great artist, or you are very selfless and the list could go on forever. Just remember that even when the world says you're not beautiful, there's always someone out there who thinks you are gorgeous!"

- Anonymous Girl 2

"I do not know the intent of the artist, but I have always enjoyed looking at the song as a view of how Christ ridiculously loves me even if if maybe I really am something far less than perfect. I think people often think that God sits up on in a tower looking distainfully at our weaknesses, but the God I know is the "good Dad" who calls his daughter "beauty" because in his eyes that is exactly what she is. Just my two cents." 

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